Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pencticton Girls Weekend Shennanigans

I have so much to blog about right now, but lets start with my girl's trip to Penticton! Somehow we ended up going again on Peachfest weekend. We always go every year, and this year Hilary joined us as well! On Friday morning, we all piled into our Tuscon and drove off to Pentiction. I never drive on trips but I actually enjoyed it. It went by really fast, and I made a really fun CD to listen to. K, everyone laughed at me when I took it out but people still burn CD's right? I've had my phone for two years and I don't know how to put a playlist on it.

We got to Penticton and our room was ready, so we grabbed some lunch at this little place right on the beach.

We hung out on the beach after, which for some reason I have no photos of except for this one.

I grabbed these photos when we were waiting for our table at Salty's, our favourite Penticton restaurant. 

We asked this guy to take our pic, which he kindly agreed and then proceeded to get down on one knee to take the picture. Why? I have no clue. 

Celebratory shots because we have a lot to celebrate!

Celebratory big dogs/mexican bulldog/beergarita. Either way this one was not my fave.

Next morning, Hilary and I hanging out waiting for our turn at Paddleboarding!

Yes, we all tried it out, it was fun. I didn't' feel like doing it for longer than like ten minutes though.

Which is how this happened.

Way more my cup of tea.

We went back to Salty's for lunch, our favourite Wedge Salads (yeah, we went 4 times total. We're just loyal customers)

After that, we went down the channel. Nicole and J have long since nailed down the perfect channel set up. It has become the envy of other channel floating people. They comment on how it's set up to which I replied "This ain't our first rodeo" because I love saying that and I never get the chance. We always have our most random hilarious conversations on the channel.

Pretty Hilary!

 Me with my cup of choice. 

 Out for dinner at the Barking Parrot, a really fun big patio that turns into a bar later. We opted for staying there for most of the night rather than going out. I must be getting old because this was way more fun.

 Me and Hilary!

Margarita. Not the best one I've had though!

 Hilary and Nicole went Parasailing!

 J and I got a free boat ride out of it, which was awesome.

Looooove Pentiction.

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