Monday, August 19, 2013

Ruben's Shoes

On Friday night, I went to a fundraiser for Ruben's shoes. If you haven't heard of them it's a pretty amazing story:

Kelly Strongitharm, co-founder of Three Sixty Financial Group, had the honour and privilege of meeting Ruben, the boy she had been sponsoring through World Vision for 7yrs, in December 2012.
Upon meeting Ruben and his family, Kelly felt an immediate connection, and although they had to communicate through a translator, the language of love is universal and was felt by all. Seeing how radically different life in the Dominican is, Kelly felt compelled to do something to give back to the community that affected her life so profoundly and thus Ruben’s Shoes was born.

The part that really tugged at my heartstrings is that if these kids don't have shoes, they can't go to school.  It's crazy that something so small that we take for granted (I definitely have way too many pairs of shoes) can completely change someone's life. A kid who gets shoes can go to school, get an education, and make a better life for himself.

Anyways, they have collected so many shoes that it became an issue trying to figure out how they were going to get all the shoes over there. One of my favourite clients turned friend and her best friend got involved and threw this fundraiser at the Townhall Public House in Surrey. 

So Friday night, I headed out to meet them (Sidenote, what the heck is up with google maps lately? They keep sending me to completely the wrong place!!) and after calling my Dad, I finally found the place. Sadly, my GPS completely drained my battery on the way over so I have zero pics of this fun event.  The girls had organized a few different games and fun raffles, one of them being a balloon pop. They sold tickets to pop a ballon, and each balloon had a 1/3 chance of having a prize in it. I donated some personal training sessions to encourage people to buy tickets, because who wouldn't want to win free training sessions? I met the girl that won my sessions and I can't wait to train her, she seems super nice and fun. I'm really lucky, I have so much fun with all my clients! 

To find out more about Ruben's shoes, please click here to read more info on this amazing charity and join their Facebook page here. There is a really great video on their Facebook page you can watch to find out what they're up to.

On a completely different note, this is kinda all I got for weekend update. Saturday I worked allll day, then my sis and I headed out to help the same girls from the fundraiser with another event they were throwing in this amazing house. I had to snap a picture on one of my dream list items from this post.

After we were done, we met up with our husbands at Cactus Club for a nice dinner on the patio. Unfortunately, I think I've worked myself ragged because I woke up Sunday morning feeling like complete ass and didn't get out of bed all day. Feeling much better today and ready to tackle the week!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Ruben's Shoes sounds like an amazing project. Thanks for sharing! I recently found a neat project that allows people to send birthday cards to kids that live in homeless shelters. It's called "Birthday Mail". I thought it was pretty neat!

    Can't wait to read more on your blog! If you're interested, please stop by and say hello at