Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Engagement Gift Basket (all of these things are awesome)

Sometimes, I'm a little ahead of the game. My sister and her fiance (YAY!) just got back this afternoon from their trip to San Francisco, and I have their gift ready and waiting for them. I'm writing this post before they come over but I can't post it until they actually open it.

I knew right away what I wanted to get them. This is their first Christmas together in their apartment and they don't have many decorations yet. I know what this is like, since Leigh and I were just starting out two years ago. Okay, technically I had decorations already, but they were pink. Those who know my husband know this would not fly in our house, no matter how many Happy Husband Cookies I bribed him with. Besides, I wanted to get our own special decorations and start our own traditions. Everything we have now has special meaning and/or was a gift from someone we love.

Anyways, Jenn told me that she and Andrei wanted purple and silver decorations (they're fun like that) so I knew exactly what to get. I got some purple balls (not many in case they wanted to mix another colour or shade in) and some silver snowflakes and icicles.
Then I got a little carried away.
I put in a tree skirt (everyone needs one, no one wants to see the stand!)
Matching stockings I decided to personalise for them. I'm a big believer in personalised stockings. It makes Christmas morning easier and turns them into special ornaments not just mini present holders.

 Because I had all these cute things for them, I decided to put them in a basket. Leigh and I got an AMAZING basket from our friends for our wedding. We came home after the honeymoon and we had like zero food in the house, and we saw this basket with brie and Camembert cheese and crackers and chocolate and all this amazing stuff. It was the best thing ever. Anyways, it gave me the idea (and the basket) to put this all together for Jenn and Andrei. So thank you, our lovely friends! :)

Then I wrapped it up all pretty.

I seriously love gift baskets. I highly recommend this idea, anyone who has moved out on their own or couples just starting out will think of you when they get their decorations out. It's always nice to remind people how you give awesome gifts. Is that bad? Oh well. It's true. :-P



  1. That was a great idea for a gift! And so thoughtful!
    And seriously, your brother and sister are both married/engaged... we are young but it makes me feel old...

  2. Haha I know. Don't worry we are young. My brother and sister just turned 24 and I just turned 26. Life is just beginning! :P