Friday, November 12, 2010

Archie Marries...

You guys already know I'm a bit of a self proclaimed dork so I'm not ashamed to admit this little tidbit. I have loved Archie Comics since I was 12 years old. I still remember the first one I read, it was in the summertime and it had a scene of the Riverdale crew playing with beach balls on the front cover. I was hooked.

I still read them now again, especially if I go on a weekend trip. It's so comforting how everything stays the same in Riverdale no matter what. It's like a little town wrapped up in a snowglobe, it's always there when you go back to it. I also love that it's classic and sort of old fashioned. For instance, everyone who has read the comics knows that there is a long standing friendly feud over Archie between Betty and Veronica.

I don't know about you, but I certainly wouldn't want to date someone that couldn't make his mind up for years and years (except they don't age so maybe time doesn't matter?) over which girl he wanted to be with. I don't think a lot of girls would actually stand for that, but it works for Archie. Although sometimes I get annoyed at Archie! He's not really my favourite character for that reason, but I still love the comic as a whole.

So you can imagine my excitment (god I really am a dork) when I discovered this book:

So when I first saw this, I was like "What! He marries Veronica?!" I couldn't believe he made a decision! But then I flipped it around and on the back it's the same cover but with Betty. Go figure. I looked it up when I got home and here's the story:

In May 2009, Archie comics announced that the "Archie Story of the Century" was on it's way. Archie was going to be proposing to Veronica. In October 2009, an issue was released that began a six part story starting with the proposal and chronicling their life together. 

Apparently the folks at Archie comics were shocked when reader letters poured in, exclaiming that Archie had made a horrible mistake and married the wrong girl.

The New York times eventually revealed the truth, the storyline was a fantasy and they would now release a story where Archie ends up with Betty. I haven't read any of this storyline so I'm excited that they've been released in this handy book format!

I will have to wait until I'm finished our book club book (The Help by Kathryn Stockett) , but thankfully it's shaping up to be a fantastic read!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!


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  1. I am so excited I LOVE the Archies!!! I just put this on my christmas list! But I really hope he doesn't marry Veronica! Yay!!! New Follower!