Monday, November 22, 2010

Just For Fun: My Dream Life

After writing a to do list on Sunday night, I don’t recommend curling up on the couch for “just a few minutes” because sometimes you wake up two hours later and you still have to do everything on your list.

Anyways, for today’s post:

My favorite thing to do when I am bored or a little down is picture winning the lottery. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people that thinks that my life would be fixed if only I could get a huge amount of money. Did you know that they’ve done studies on lottery winners and almost all of them return to their original state of happiness 5 years after receiving the money?

Money doesn’t buy happiness, that’s for sure. I know happiness for me comes from having fun and having good relationships with my husband, friends and family.
I like to think about winning the lottery because it would open up a giant world of possibilities that other wise might not ever happen. I also like to think about it because it makes me realize what I’m craving in my life or what I enjoy doing the most. I usually do this on the Skytrain or in the car with Leigh.

I decided it would be fun to post what I would do if I won the lottery, like the big jackpot lottery. Now, please note that I DO have a list of what I would buy/do for the people I love, but I’m not posting it here because then they would know, and if I ever do win the lottery it won’t be a surprise for them. So this is just what I would do for Leigh and I. Obviously I would donate a huge chunk to charities also. So after I did all that selfless stuff, I would:

  • Buy our dream house. Yes, I have it picked out and if I ever do win the lottery, I’m going there with a blank check and saying “I’d like to live here, how much do you want?” I’m not sure if the house has a pool, because I don’t have the nerve to knock on the door and ask. So I’d build one because my dream is to have a giant party house where people are always over having fun and I can be an awesome hostess and wear a cute apron while I feed people delicious food that I made myself because I had the time to.
  • I would also build a gym in my dream house with a TV because I get so damn bored doing cardio.  Then I’d hire a personal trainer to come every day and kick my ass.
  • I’d also build a library with a fireplace (obviously) and a HUGE closet with a dressing table because I’ve always wanted one of those. In my giant closet I would have a lot of sparkly clothes, because I am seriously loving sparkles right now.

  • For Leigh, I would build him a “Man Cave” in our dream house. I think every man should have a Man Cave, and technically he does have one but it doesn’t have a door which kind of defeats the purpose.  
  • I would also start a business each for Leigh and I because I think that would be the best way to escape the statistic of those who return to the same level of happiness. To have an opportunity to go to work at something you’re passionate about every day definitely would increase happiness, or at least fulfillment. I know exactly what Leigh would want to do, given the opportunity but I’m undecided as always. I do think it would be fun to have a Christmas store though. Why not?
  • I'd also buy Leigh a truck and I would drive some kind of hybrid SUV.

I know this is a little bit of a silly exercise, but it's just fun but I find it lifts my spirits and reminds me that life is full of possibilities and not all of them are a lottery win away. See, I can save for a house, get some sparkly shoes (ok, maybe not Louboutins, but still) and just work out without a personal trainer's butt kicking (sigh. so much harder) and work my way closer and closer to my dream life.

What would you do if you won the lottery?


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  1. I would go on a MEGA shopping spree and yes, buy lots of glittery stuff!!! LOVE!