Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Enjoy the gift of today (and tomorrow)

 For those of us in Canada (except some provinces) this week is a strange one. Thursday is Remembrance Day, so most of us have the day off. It works out well with the time change, because personally I am very tired this week and even though it's only Wednesday I'm dying for a break! So it's kind of like Friday today and then Friday is actually Friday. This is good.

It got me thinking how easy it is to waste a day off. You can sleep in, do your laundry, laze around the house watching TV and going on Facebook, or you can make the most of it. I find if I don't have some sort of plan for a day off, I will regret it at the end of the day and wish I did something fun.
Here are some ways to make the most of your day off:
  • First of all, make sure you have your poppy on. It is Remembrance Day after all. Some people have certain ceremonies or events to go to today, and it's important to honour that. If not, make sure you have a moment of silence at 11:00am.
  • Decide what would make it a great day off. The way I figure that out is what do I really need? Am I burnt out and in need of some serious R&R? Am I craving quality time with my hubby or missing a certain friend? It's important to be in touch with your own needs and take care of yourself. This doesn't just mean eating vegetables and going to the gym. It means taking care of yourself emotionally too, doing things that fulfill you and make you feel light and whole.
  • If you're feeling tired and burned out, go for a long walk outside, preferably somewhere with lots of beautiful autumn trees. They won't be like that for much longer so enjoy them while you can! Drink lots of water and get to bed early and you will feel like a brand new person Friday morning!
  • If you are craving a day at home relaxing, make it special. Get some coffee or tea to make at home and ingredients for a delicious breakfast. Rent yourself a movie or grab a book or some magazines.
  • If you want to spend quality time with someone, make a plan to go for breakfast, shopping, manicures, whatever you feel like, as long as it's fun and it feels like a treat! 
 These are just a few things you could do with your free day. The thing is, every day, stat holiday or not, is a gift. We should use this gift to the absolute fullest and enjoy each moment of every day. This is something I'm constantly working on. Being present in the moment, in the season, enjoying each day rain or shine. There are joys in every day to be found if your looking for them.
Making the most of your day does not mean forgetting about Remembrance Day. After all, the ones we are commemorating are the ones who sacrificed their lives so we had the freedom to do just that.


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