Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A little Christmas confession...

I’m trying really really hard to not post about Christmas. Like really hard. But I can’t stop thinking about it. Every time I try to pretend it’s not coming, I will hear Christmas music in a store or see a house with lights up, or walk past a Starbucks because there is one on every block in Vancouver.

Seeing things like this going on makes me want to race home, drag Leigh downstairs to get our decorations and cover our house with them. It is so hard to restrain myself, I just want it to be the Christmas season NOW!

So…in order to allow myself some Christmas excitement I am starting to read Christmas books.  This is my little confession…I kind of love romantic Christmas novels. They make me feel so warm and happy inside. Don’t judge.

Not those super cheesy ones that a friend and I once were doubled over in laughter at a drugstore reading the names of. You know the ones, with Fabio type guys on the cover.
No, these books fall somewhere in between the Fabio type and chick lit. If you haven’t read any, you should because they are the perfect type of read for the season.
Here are a few recommendations:

There are so many more by these authors. Except Nora Roberts, she doesn't write Christmas books for some reason other than this one, but it's one of my absolute favourites. There is seriously no better way to spend a transit commute than reading books like these. Totally makes me forget all the strange people I'm riding with. You know, there's a few on every train car. There just is.
Also, I cannot forget probably my favourite holiday book ever, even though it has nothing to do with romance/cotton candy pink fluff/or chick lit:

Sorry John Grisham, it's really not fair to put you in the same department as Nora Roberts. This such a great, simple story. I also loved the movie Christmas with the Kranks (lame name though) even though I know some people have a personal allergy to Tim Allen's Christmas movies. Still love it. I may possibly be the dorkiest person alive.


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