Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If you love Sophie Kinsella...

As far as I'm concerned, Sophie Kinsella is the chick lit queen. When she has a new book out, I'm just as bad as those kids that hang out outside a store waiting for a new video game. Dorks come in many different forms. The problem is, I devour the entire book within 24 hours of purchasing, then I have to wait a year for the next one. Bummer.
Mini Shopaholic was released in September, if you haven't read the latest Shopaholic, check it out!
So I am always in search of books that are (almost) as good.
I recently discovered a series by a new author, Lindsey Kelk. The first one is called I Heart New York. I loved it. What can you say about chick lit other than it's fun to read? If your looking for a fun happy read, she's your girl.

Book descriptions are not my talent so you can read the synopsis for her books here.

She has also written two sequels to I Heart New York.

Before you become concerned that my head is filled with cotton candy instead of brain matter, don't fret. I do have a wide range of books I like to read. I've recently started a book club and for our first book we're reading the Help by Kathryn Stockett which is in no way fluffy and pink. I also love self improvement books, biographies and memoirs.
I'm known in my group of friends as the "librarian". I love finding new authors or new subjects to read about. I don't just read books, I collect them. I have just as much fun collecting them as I do reading them! I also love sharing books with people. When my girlfriends come to my house they usually come bearing a few books they've borrowed and leave with a few new ones.

I have actually gotten a few messages from ladies I know asking to recommend books to them! That's what made me decide to do this post, and I'm sure I will be doing more posts on books in the future. If you are wondering if a book is good or looking for a new author, feel free to e-mail me what you like and I'd be happy to recommend something to you.
Happy reading!


  1. I want to read the I love Paris book !!!!!!! Cause it's true. I do love that place.

  2. Hehe then I'm sure you'll love it!