Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crafts, Coats, and an Engagement

This is shaping up to be a wonderful weekend! On Friday night I got a call that my sister got engaged in San Franscisco. So exciting. Here's a cute picture of the happy couple:
Andrei and Jenn at Leigh and I's wedding. I love how Andrei is holding someone's bouquet. He's nice that way!

This morning I went to the Arch Bishop Carney craft fair which is an annual tradition with my mother in law.  It's always one of the first things to get me into the spirit. As soon as you walk in, they have Christmas music, Christmas trees, and candy cane coffee! 
They had so many wonderful talented crafters and artists there. Last year, I built up quite a bit of my Christmas collection there. This year, I was a little more restrained. My husband and I are going from a 1200 square foot basement suite to a 750 square foot apartment, so I have a feeling our decorations are going to be more than enough.

I did add one thing to my collection though. Last year, I bought one of these "words" that you can hang on your tree, and they look so beautiful I decided I will buy one a year (as long as the maker of them keeps going to the craft fair!)
Last year's word was "Believe" (one of my favourite words!)
Our tree last year (see the Believe sign)
I decided on "Wish" for this year's word. (If you'd like to check them out, I'm sure they will be at the craft fair tomorrow and I do believe they go to the one at Porier Center)

I also got some gingerbread cookies (I would show you pictures but they've already been consumed) and some gifts I can't post here because they're a secret!

After the craft fair, we went over to Art Knapps which has amazing Christmas decorations. They also apparently now have clothes? Very strange! But I ended up with a super warm and cozy winter jacket for only $65 dollars!

All in all, it has been a wonderful day and now it's time to snuggle up to my hubby and watch a movie! Have a great night, everyone!


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  1. I love the Carney Christmas Fair and the garage sale they have once a year... I used to go to Carney for grade 8 and 9, so its a family tradition to go to all of their events. Today my mom went to the craft fair and got these gorgeous 3 foot tall gold angels. Im gonna have to go tomorrow (because I thought today was friday lol) !